Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haunted Places in Delaware

New Castle - Amstel House - haunted by unknown spirit that also haunts his son's house down the street.

New Castle - David Finney Inn - third floor is haunted by unknown ghost

Newark - Cooches Bridge - First Battle of the American Revolution where the Stars and Stripes was flown in Battle. Delaware militiamen were delaying the British forces who landed at Turkey Point in Maryland so as to give General Washington time to escape from Philadelphia. One legend states that during the initial skirmish between the militia and the Redcoats, a British soldier got his head shot off. On foggy moonless nights people claim to see a Headless British Soldier walking along the roads in the area. There are many other stories associated with the area.

Newark - Deer Park Inn and Tavern - Main Street- Has be remolded several times but back in the 1800s slaves were traded on the porch. It is said that Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Raven" there. Once a popular dive for the college kids, the wait staff used to tell stories of sounds on the stairs(which were closed off at the time) when opening or closing the bar. Of course no one was there. Often the front doors would swing as if someone entered, but again, no one was there.

Newark - Lums Pond State Park - In the early 70's a runaway girl was taken into the woods and killed here. The killer was never caught but sometimes a pleading high pitched voice and muffled screams can be heard from the woods just off the Swamp Forest hiking trail which goes around Lums Pond.

Newark - Salem Church Road - people say there are a family of six walking across the highway. Back in the 1900's the family of six was hung because of witchcraft, ever since then they hunt the highway to find the relatives whom hung them.

Newark - The Valley - A long and windy road near the Pike Creek area that many have sighted eyes, herd screams at night, had things run in front of their cars, seen things chasing their cars, accidents are a near miss on this dark and creepy road. The trees that line it seem to fallow you and bend down towards your passing car, the woods seem to move with you instead of being passed, keep your eyes open and your foot on the break while driving this haunted road. There is also somewhere on this road a tree said to have had an abandoned baby placed in it to die, sometimes if brave passersby stop they can hear the tree "crying" the distinct sound of an infant crying in the darkness surrounds visitors.

Seaford - Maggie's Bridge - You can see Maggie walk down the creek, strange things happen to your car.

Smyrna - Black Diamond Rd. - development on this road is said to be built on top of an Indian Graveyard. Some things can be pretty creepy at night. Lights glow in the distance and people who live in those houses in the development say that when taking pictures of family and friends orbs appear in pictures maybe to appear to be an Indian.

Smyrna - Blevins House - Balls of light, voices, the feeling of that you are not alone, figures walk around, spirit of a dog named Pee-Wee barks. dead neighbor walks on the property in the shape of a vortex. man with no face looks through the window of the living room. Man who?s skull was crushed INSIDE a tree walks on the premises with no head supposedly looking for it.

Smyrna - Cry Baby Bridge - The bridge is said to be haunted by a baby that was born deformed and his teenage mother threw him off the bridge because of his condition. He is said to have monstrously strong legs and he knocks over trees with them when he throws fits crying for his mother. There are trees fallen over all around the bridge. People go there to party and get more than what they were looking for. Car doors lock and windows roll down by themselves and the car begins to roll backwards. Once you are there, the baby doesn?t want you to leave, thinking you?re its long lost mother and it doesn?t want to lose you again.

Smyrna - Union St. - Girl in white dress floating through hallway, chairs turned around backwards, objects misplaced and moved, all electrical objects turned on.

Sussex County - Cypress Swamp - The road alone leading to the swamp is creepy but it also has been said that late at night you can hear voices coming from the woods.

Wilmington - Bancroft Academy - In girls bathroom lights go off you see red eyes glowing and see that they are looking at you.

Wilmington - Dead President's Tavern - This tavern is a very old building (200 years or so) and has had many waiters/waitresses complain of dishes being thrown at them, screaming, dominoes floating from the game boards in the recreation room, and other poltergeis-like incidents and activity, all supposedly related to the ghost of a former customer who was a big prankster (circa 1950's) named lemonade Mullery, who ended up having the last laugh as he slipped in a puddle of urine in the men's room and broke his neck in the late 60's. An odd but true tale, and a strange presence can fairly easily be felt in Dead President's, even by non-psychic individuals.

Wilmington - Rockwood Mansion - balls of light and strange sounds are observed here.

Woonsocket - Mount Saint Charles Academy - Supposedly one of the former Brothers or the Sacred Heart (The brothers that run the high school)had died and was so disliked that the students stuck pencils in his eyes at his funeral. For revenge he is known to haunt the 4th floor and walk in and out of the rooms.

(Look Behind You!!)

Delaware City Fort Delaware
Many people have reported apparitions of Civil War Soldiers and others here. Confederate soldiers were imprisoned here and there is also a graveyard for soldiers who died during the Civil War where paranormal activity has been reported.

The Governor’s Mansion
Much paranormal activity has been reported by visitors and residents. There is said to be the sound of chains rattling in the basement, a ghost that will drink wine from glasses left in some locations, and a full apparition of a person dressed in 1800’s garb and wig. There are several others including a ghostly young girl in red who plays in the gardens.

Locust Grove Farm
The spirit of a young boy is said to reside in this house which is more than 150 years old. Lights reportedly are turned off and on, as are televisions. Voices and other unexplainable noises are frequently heard, and a toy train is said to have turned itself on when no one was near it.

Christiana Fire Company Station 12
It is said that two ghosts haunt the firehouse; one which has a negative presence and who is said to be seen in the engineer’s room only, and the other, which is said to be a very positive presence who keeps the negative spirit in the engineer’s room. People report that they can “feel” the struggle the moment they come into the building.

Dead President’s Tavern 618 N. Union St.
Many patrons and staff have reported paranormal activity from sensing a presence to full-blown poltergeist activity like plates being thrown at people and game pieces flying around in the rec room. Screaming have also been heard by nearby residents late at night.