Sunday, October 11, 2009

Haunted Places In New Jersey

These places in the Garden State have all had multiple sightings of ghosts or have had paranormal activity reported:
We appreciate all suggestions, and so we are adding this at the top of the list-

Mount Laurel/ Hartford road haunted house:
Ok, the house was torn down sometime prior to 2005 but was a real creepy place. It was on a dirt road off of Hartford rd., the locals used to go there for a scare. Heard toys moving, balls bouncing, mumbling voices, screaming, doorknobs turning, a real freakshow. If anyone has been to the spot where the house was and experienced anything, or knows any history behind it, leave a cooment.

Allamuchy - Ghost Lake
Alpine - Devil's Tower
Ancora - Veterans haven
Atlantic City - Taj Mahal
Bay Head - The Greenville Hotel/Restaurant
Bayonne - Bayonne High School
Bayonne - Elco Naval Base
Bayonne - Robbins Reef Yacht Club
Bayville - Admiral Farragoes
Barnegat - Graveyard, Old 2 story house across from the graveyard
Barnegat Light - Lighthouse
Bergen County - Little Ferry
Bernardsville - Bernardsville Public Library
Bernardsville - Long Rd.
Blackwood - Jefferson Hall at Camden County College
Boonton - Darress Theater
Boonton - The Grave Yard on Green Street
Bordentown - Missionary
Browns Mills - Redfeather Trail
Burlington - Burlington County Prison
Burlington - Doane Academy
Byram Twp. - The Colby Mansion
Cape May - Cape May County Historical Museum
Cape May - Christian Admiral Hotel
Cape May - Higbee's Beach
Cape May - Hotel Macomber
Cape May - Inn at 22 Jackson
Cape May - John F. Craig House Bed & Breakfast
Cape May - The Sea Holly Inn
Cape May - Spiaggi
Cape May - The Southern Mansion
Cape May - The Windward House
Cape May - Washington Inn
Cape May - Winterwood Gift Shoppe
Cape May - World War II Bunker
Cedarville - Newport
Cedarville / Fairton - the old stone church
Chester - Main Street
Cinnaminson - Lakeview Memorial Cemetery
Cinnaminson - Maple Shade
Clinton - Red Mill
Columbus - The Columbus Inn
Cranford - Gallows Hill Road
Delanco - Nelly's Pond
Delran - Holy Cross High School
Dennisville - Henry Ludlam Inn
Denville - St. Claires Hospital
East Greenwich - Eglington Cemetery
East Greenwich - Lenape village
East Hanover - Nike Drive
Edgewater - Old River Road
Edison - Edison job corps academy
Edison - Old White Church on Woodbridge Ave
Elizabeth - Elizabeth General Medical Center in Elizabeth
Flemington - Union Hotel
Forked River - The old Forked River House Restaurant & Tavern
Fort Dix - Garden Terence
Fort Dix - Haunted Hospital
Franklin - Headquarters of the Meadow Foundation
Franklin Township - VanWickle home
Franklineville - Iona Lake Inn
Glassboro - Rowan University
Glendora - Gabriel Davies Tavern
Gloucester - National Park
Hoboken - The Brass Rail Restaurant
Hamilton - McCorristin Catholic High School
Hackettstown - Hackettstown high
Hackettstown - Union Cemetery
Hoboken - Arthur's Tavern
Hope - Jenny Jump State Park
Hopewell - Barry's Chapel
Howell - Allaire
Howell - Freewood acres
Howell - In the woods
Jackson - Log Cabin Ruins
Jersey City - 629 Grove St.
Jersey City - Daily News Building
Jersey City - St. Joseph's Church
Lakehurst - Naval Air Station
Lambertville - Inn Of The Hawke
Lambertville - Lambertville high school
Landisville - Landisville Fire Company
Laurence Harbor - Bowne Provost Family Cemetery
Lavallette - The Murder house
Lincoln Park - Heartbeat Lane
Madison - Drew University
Madison - Fairleigh Dickinson University
Maple Shade - Woodlawn Park
Marlboro - Main Street Market
Marlboro - Marlboro Mental Institution
Marlton - Airport on KettleRun Road
Matawan - Rose Hill Cemetery
Mays Landing - The Abbott House Bed & Breakfast
Mays Landing - Lincoln Memorial Cemetery
Middlesex County - Circle Players
Midland Park - Crayhay Mansion
Millington - Elm Street Middle School
Montvale - Fieldstone Middle School
Morristown - Jimmy's
Morristown - Water's Edge Cafe
Morristown - Jockey Hollow
Mt. Holly - Historic Burlington County Prison Museum
Mt. Hope - Mt. Hope Road
Mt. Laurel - Hartford Rd. Haunted house
National Park - The park museum
Neshanic Station - Murphy's Crocodile Inn
Newark - Branch Brook Park
New Monmauth - Shelly Drive
Nutley - Park Pub Restaurant
Oaklyn - The Ritz theater
Old Bridge - Nike Missle Base
Parsippany - Hilltop Care Center
Parsippany - Intervale Road
Passaic County - Annie's Road
Paterson - Oliver Street
Paterson - Tenth Ave
Pemberton - Mount Misery
Pemberton - Pemberton Township High School Auditorium
Pennington - Old Farmhouse on Main Street
Perth Amboy - Alpine Cemetery
Perth Amboy - The Proprietary house
Perth Amboy - St. Mary's Cemetery
Phillipsburg - Hunt Homestead
Pine Beach - Admiral Farragut Academy
Pittsgrove - Ye Olde Centerton Inn
Point Pleasant Beach - McLacleans
Port Monmouth - Spy House Museum
Quinton/Bridgeton - Berrys Chapel
Raritan - Raritan Library
Richland - Railroad tracks behind St. Augustine Prep High school
Ringwood - Ringwood Manor
Ringwood - Ringwood Manor Cemetery
River Vale - Roberge School
Riverside - dead mans corner
Riverside - Watchcase Tower
Roseland - St. John's church graveyard
Scotch Plains - Graveyard
South Dennis - The Graveyard on Route 47
Sparta - Remax Leaders
Swedesboro - Swedesboro Lake
Tabernacle - Caranza Road
Toms River - Castle Park
Totowa - Annie's Road
Totowa - Laurel Grove Cemetery
Totowa - Little Falls
Totowa - Totowa Road
Union - The Caldwell House
Union - Kean University
Verona - The Asylum
Villas - Trails
Verona - Overbrook

Walnford Park - (visitor submitted, see comments below)


  1. where is the hartford road haunted house in mount laurel?

  2. Thanks for the heads up! We added it to the top of the list.

  3. is the haunted house on 10th street in paterson closed up.. or is it occupied?

  4. The Patterson Police have been discouraging people from being there, they say it is becouse of recent problems nearby with personal crimes. One officer told us the place is unsafe to be at and they don't want anyone to get hurt and they don't want kids going there.
    The place gives them the creeps too.

  5. It is unoccupied at this time (December 2009)

  6. I visited the house in september of 2004 I believe it was around 5pm. It was quite a sight with all the cloths and toys laying all over, there were canoes in the water, typewriters outside. the house was a very imposing thing to see. Cloths strewn in the trees, odd items placed all over not to mention the long walk from the rd to get to the house itself. inside was a mess with spray painting all over, curses, hell this way with arrows and many other things. Dirty mattresses among broken glass, beer bottles, cans kegs, etc. I wanted to go upstairs but the house had major water and structual damage and honestly i felt like I would fall right through the upper floor. the house has a strange vibe to it but honestly all I heard while in there was a loud sound of what sounded like little children laughing and running upstairs. i can't confirm that someone wasnt truly up there but I feel if they heard me walking around downstairs shooting pictures and talking on my cell they may have fled or revealed themselves. has this been torn down? does anyone know the history of the place?

    Thanks guys

    Chris Magee
    Mount Laurel, nj

    Im going to look through my pictures for the photos I took when i was there. if I find them and anyones interested in seeing them email me at EVILSHINESDOWN@AOL.COM

  7. My mom used to live there years ago.

  8. Wheres the haunted Church in little ferry? I cant find Old protestant church when I try to look it up. is it called a different church now?

  9. I think it may have burned down.

  10. Where is dead mans curve in riverside

  11. You are all wasting your time,the dust you see on the lense is just dust and the lights are raccoon eyes looking into your camera. Seek God.

  12. I live in south Jersey in the city of Vineland recently i heard of this abandon state facilty on Hancebridge road which was once a pyhicatric hospital there has been alot of storys of the place being haunted there is several buildings i went to the place but theres a no tresspass sign posted at the front gate .does anyone have any info to share josh

  13. The Old Forked River House burned down some years ago. If anything is standing it is a rebuild at best. The original structure was lost.

  14. why is the Pemberton township high school auditorium a sophmore at this school and me and (P.P.R) want to know a little more about the school auditorium

  15. we were told there were cold spots and orbs reported by custiodians over the years in the area near the southeast corner. A psychic went there during game in the 90's and said she felt “dread and sorrow”, as well as ice cold air. Trying to find out what was there before Pemberton High School was built.

  16. a man covered in blood and both arms severed was seen on several occasions over the last 20 years inside the gym and a small hallway adjacent, according to nj news archives.

  17. i live in an hunted house. the history of my house was that some polish family lived there many years ago. 2 kids around the age of 7 and an there grandmother. the story is that she burned the kids in the basement. there marks of handcuffs on the railing there and burned marks all on the floor. every night i hear the kids playing and laughing in the next room of mines....i was once home alone and i went into the basement and saw the old lady she was standing in the corner facing me. i ran out of there as quick as possible. i have many stories of my experiences in this house. for sum strange reason, every-time i take a picture my room gets cold and i cant view the picture i get very frustrated with that. Im not a ghost expert but what does that mean when it gets cold? Im still trying to figure it out. i live in Perth Amboy NJ. i been to the other places out here and they're not haunted trust me. my house is haunted.

    1. When it gets cold that means there is a ghost or a spirit in the room and the pictures well I get them to but I don't get upset I know it's a spirit.

    2. It's a ghost or a spirit. In ur room and the pictures it happens ro me to.

    3. Hi there, I'm a casting producer in Los Angeles and I'm currently casting a new show looking for people in the New Jersey area who feel like their house might be haunted. I'd love to speak with you about your experiences if you still happen to live in that house. You can contact me at Thanks.

  18. Why is it so hard to find information on how to get to any of these places. Who cares about the no trespassing signs and the authorities, I am old enough to make decisions for myself and a good scare might be worth an arrest.

  19. would you be open to letting other ppl such as myself, experience the activity going on at your home?? Of course we could meet and get to know each other first and foremost, but me and a few friends are looking to investigate and most of the places we've visited, aren't even haunted. It's totally understandable if you don't feel comfortable.


    1. My family members ashes have been spread out by the large oak tree in speedwell. Show respect when visiting there. Back in 2003 we went out here with my two brothers and daughter. Me and the dog saw something coming down the oak tree it wasn't an animal and it went back up fast and dissapired . Everyone was spooked I was confused trying to figure out what I had just saw.

  21. Why isn't the Chesterfield Inn listed here? That place is definitely haunted

  22. Greystone Mental Hospital of Morrisplains is definately haunted iv went there multiple times with friends...its also abandoned you'd have to find your own way in! enter at your own risk...If you get caught you will face serious charges..but this place is creepy...iv felt some strange feelings being in that place...and iv even seen a shadow..that disappeared quickly check it out

    1. my cousins went in there some years ago. they said it was really creepy. they found files about people and stuff like suicides and what not. ive wanted to check it out sooo bad

  23. Does anybody know what exactly "in the woods" located in Howell is? I read that there are woods said to be haunted by a girl who disappeared there. Does anyone know where exactly these woods are?

    1. Lakeview and Lanesmill but don't park in the culdesac or you'll get run off by a big Doberman!

  24. My daughter and I visited The Lincoln Memorial
    Cemetary, In Mays Landing, N.J.To visit my grandmothers grave. While there, no one else was in the cemetary However, prior to our arrival, someone had been buried.There were fresh flowers on top of the grave.As I was
    standing at the grave, all of sudden I heard this moaning and crying. I hadn't said anthing to my daughter because I didn't want too scare her.Then she looked up to me and said, do you hear that, Mommy.But I didn't want
    too scare her.We both heard the same thing. And this was in broad daylight. Well needless
    to say, I didn't waste time trying to figure out what was going on. Never knew this cemetary
    was haunted, until recently!!!!

  25. When my daughter was 2 in 2006 she started screaming so I ran into the room she was in the corner of her bed with her eyes closed. I asked her what's wrong she said the bad boy in the window. She did not 2 sleep in the room or go in it 4 some time. Then she started 2 c the boy in the kitchen. When we moved she turned & said I don't c the bad boy anymore. This was in perth amboy nj

  26. i have a question why is juliustown haunted better yet why is the juliustown park haunted i really want to know i've heard some of the story but not all of it some of the story say that a women was tied to a tree waiting for her loved one and then she dissapeared in to thin air and no one knows what happened to her all they found was a bloody dress

  27. I used to live down The road from the hartford house. I knew the people that used to live there, it had a fire and no one fixed it, so it became run down, people would hang out there vAndalize and leave trash there. dont remember it being
    haunted just gross.

  28. this comment is for the person with the haunted house where the pictures don't come out and the room gets cold..My name is lisa and im a part of a paranormal group called city lights paranormal society. If indeed you have something or someone in your house, in order for it to try to manifest or do something, it has to draw quite a bit of energy and that could be the reason for the coldness. We find that a lot or just cold spots. And from experience, they can drain the batteries in your camera as well or even mess up your pictures. Sound like an interesting home you have. If you want more information or you have questions or even are looking for people to come in and check it out for you, you can get on our website or post back on here and ill give you my email or the founders phone number and we would be happy to help you.

  29. my group has also investigated knotty pine pub and found some interesting stuff..the evidence is on our website

  30. yeah about Paterson, NJ in 10th ave., I wanna know where is what the house number?

  31. if i can tell ne one to go to halleck st. in newark i would tell them their crazy. i grew up there and its haunted.. i would love any paranormal team that would have the ballz to come there with me. 9735171268

  32. I lived in Halleck St in Newark and that place was very haunted, there is a person living in the floor. there are many spirits I can tell u about that are in history

  33. Kean University Townley House is haunted by a ghost. I was a member of the squad for 5 years in the late 80's. We called the ghost george. He never bothered us much. Sometimes in the locked office upstairs we would hear the typewriter tapping away. The rocking chair down stairs would move on its own and any time it got cold in the house we would leave George alone. When leaving the house we would turn out the lights say good night to george and lock the doors. One more than one occasion we would turn around and see the downstairs lights go on.
    New recruits to the squad would have to do an overnight in the squad house, few lasted the whole night. Most ran out after midnight.

  34. I'm looking for awesome new jersey haunted house for this year. It's going to be an awesome year.

  35. Hello, does anyone know the history of an abandon place on 4th ave in Absecon South Jersey next to 30 white-horse-pike and across from Super 8? It has a pepsi sign i believe and an old Trailer home! Thank you, Curious John

  36. I go by Clinton road all the time...between the bodies The Ice Man dumped there and the light that comes out of the woods onto the road around 1 a.m.and chases you towards Dead Man's curve, I avoid that road at all's really creepy - a long stretch of nothing but woods and swamps. Beware.

  37. I used to work at the Inn on Iona Lake. That place is definatly haunted. The top floor was eerie. We would never go up there alone. And on the third floor there was nothing but and old bathtub with paws up there. Strange things always happened in the top floors. And in the basement a cook was seen a few times. There used to be an old speakeasy down there. It was still there when I worked there. I also heard Al Capone used to stay there on his way to AC. Anyone else know anything?

  38. Remember growing up in a haunted house in P-burg, Nj. It was a old Victorian style which was between Morris St. & some alley. Anybody knows anything about that place hit me up @

  39. Can anyone shed light as to why westville-river drive made this list?

  40. (from another online source)Along River Drive there have been sightings of a ghost of a young woman in a night gown. She has been seen floating at about the second story level along River Drive. There is mention of a second spirt. this spirit sometimes looks like a fish or mermaid of some sort .Tributes to her are found on one of the bridges crossing the Big Timber Creek. Timber Creek runs next to River Drive, and the sightings have increased lately as there is a lot of digging taking place right now. It was an area of an amusement park a long time ago. Maybe the spirit is upset with the area being disturbed.

  41. the place on 4th and rt 30 in galloway, it's not haunted. nasty people lived there for a long time. it looks empty now.

  42. why is the taj n ac haunted?

  43. We have heard several theories on the Taj Mahal haunting from locals. One is that a man won a million bucks in the Taj on a $20 slot spin in 2001 and decapitated himself by leaping from a nearby pier with a rope around his neck 10 years later. Perhaps the root of his problems began with the money he won. Another story is that a construction worker fell to his death during construction of the casino and wanders the place. And yet another story says a man leaped from the parking garage ten stories up and is seen near there late at night. We want to know more about the Taj, anyone with info please discuss...

    1. It wasn't a nearby pier- it was years later, actually 2011 and he committed suicide in his home town. Very Sad and a deeply troubled man.

  44. Im looking for real paranormal activity in nj area...where i can search for real sprits... Does anyone know of this...kinda like of the show ghost hunter somthing like that...

    1. I'm doing the same thing with my parents and little brother and r 2 friends

  45. Get a friend, a decent digital cam and some sound gear and go check some places out. Be careful about trespassing etc. as the law could care less about your intentions. We care here though and would love to see any creepy stuff you capture. Halloween is coming up, have fun :=)

  46. any one wanna go c atco ghost ? And williamstown lake ave I s a haunted house email me

  47. hi im a native to the riverside nj area and you for got to mention the old and recently torn down zurbrug memorial hospital and the highschool located there while the school just has your typical potergistes that move books around to play with the teachers the hospital had alot of haunting to it i lived down the street from it and on the roof there was a door there that as soon as the sun set would open showing off a glowing light inside

    1. yo the warehouse behind the riverline where the police officer shot that dude at a couple year back is haunted too, also in burlington county alot of homes is haunted especially in mt holly

  48. There is another haunted house that is in Allentown, NJ in Monmouth County. It is called Walnford PArk. THe house has about 7 ghosts that live there and at night it is quite spooky. A friend of mine and myself went there around midnight one night last year. The house was dark. THen all of a sudden, each window had a whitish glow illuminating from by one. We had enough and left. Years ago, friends of ours came to our house shaking. They just got back from Walnford PArk. They were hanging out on the porch and a person appeared out of no where. He was dressed in a brown derby hat and had a brown vest on. He disappeared the same way he appeared. THen out of no where headlights were coming down the lane. THey didn't think much of it, but then it was gone. There wasn't anything there. Very creepy place. I am very surprised that Walnford PArk is not on any haunted list anywhere on the web. THe place is really really scary.

  49. It is now, thanx for the info, may go and have a look there, :=)

  50. Hi everyone if anybody knows were the houes on 10th ave is at in paterson lmk ....i want to check it with couple of my buddies

    1. I was born in Paterson, nj and lived in a house on the corner of 10th ave and e 19th street for the first 7 years of my life. I can't remember ever being scared there . I wouldn't advise you go in that area of paterson. not because of ghosts but it is crime ridden and dangerous.

  51. The GPS coordinates for that creepy house in Paterson are:
    40.907742, -74.146652
    A woman in a white nightgown sometimes accompanied by a little girl has appeared several times over the years at the top of the staircase. Weeping and snickering as well as profane language have been heard. We are in the process of having one or two of our friends in north Jersey go check it out. We are also working on a blog/pages to provide our visitors a place to report or debunk and otherwise trade opinions and recent pictures of haunted places. Stay Tuned!

  52. The Ritz Theater is not actually in Oaklyn Its in the Chestnut Glenn section of Haddon Twp. The center line of the White Horse pike is the district divide can't remember the side street that Oaklyn Ends and Haddon Twp begins

  53. What is the story with Devils Tower in Alpine NJ?

  54. i went to toys r us at 9:10 to buy chrismas gifts and i saw a figure like a young girl running around and i ran to my parents and they didnt believe me until i showed them and they did see it and we never went back to the store any later than 4:00pm. it is so terrifing i DO NOT recomend u to go there at night!!!

  55. taj mahal is not haunted. i worked there for two years and never saw anything or any man jump off the garage. a man WAS stabbed to death in the poker room, and there WERE two kidnappings from the garage that resulted in two people being killed but every person responsible for the attacks have been caught and charged. the only thing id worry about is getting to your car after your stay.

    1. What happens getting to your car after your stay?

  56. i have been to Annie's road and that is definitely haunted. i was there @ 1:00 in the morning (around the time the girl was hit) AND SAW SOME TYPE OF FRESH LIQUID coming down one of the trees that line the road. that's the only place in NJ Ive visited that i believe is truly haunted by something or someone

  57. i live in jersey city Nj. Any1 know a good place i can check out?? like a house or graveyard?? i live 2 blocks from a graveyard and it is kinda creepy, all types of sounds. i just need a new place 2 c (: thanx!

  58. 9 lowden st in Elizabeth NJ is haunted by a little girl who die of AIDS i use to live in that house i could hear her brushing her hair on the 3rd floor

  59. Ancora's story is a lie! Veteran's haven was never a town & no one died there. Not saying that no one died @ Ancora, because they have. But this particular story is bullshit! I've worked there for 28 years & woulnd not hide anything for them. Take it off! Only print rue stories!

  60. Ok so I live in south jersey and last night 3 friends and myself decided to check out Castle Park in toms river. At midnight we stood by the swings nothing unusal at first but after about 10 min the red swings to the far right just started swinging as if somebody was actually pushing them followed by children's laughter. We snapped some pictures but in the picture a black figure appeared behind the swing needless to say we were outta there so fast. After my experience I would have to say castle park is legit haunted.

  61. I also live in Perth Amboy,nj and I swear for jesus and anyone else who is listening but I think my house is haunted as well. Its always something in the corner of my eye begging for attention im not sure if this spirit is bad or not but im seriously scared.Just tonight its... 5am btw I got up to use the bathroom and in the kitchen I could fell people standing all around me and they werent standing still because the dark density kept changing.I live on Jacques street does anyone have history on that street for me?

  62. This site has some tools that might help-

  63. I live in Perth Amboy and the house I live in was told to me that an old man set himself on fire for awhile I was scared I would lock my door but my husband said honey the ghost go threw doors well I prayed and prayed now my son sleeps upstairs and everytime he records music with him singing there is a young lady singing with him I don't know what to do please help lost on S Park Dr

  64. For the Perth Amboy folks who posted just recently, back in 1918 there was munitions explosion of the T.A Gillespie Shell Loading Plant in Morgan / South Amboy area. Perth Amboy was affected in the blast too. Looking at Jacques st on the map, that is only 5 miles from the area the blast took place in. S. Park Dr is only 6 miles away so there is a fair possiblity there were deaths from the blast. Plus the area was hard hit by the influenza epidemic in the months following the blast. There could be spirits still hanging out for whatever reason.

    Don't be afraid if bad things are not happening. All ghosts are not bad/evil like movies make them out to be. I know it can be unsettling to think you might have spirits in your house, but they might just be passing by or used to live in the house/land years ago and still have an attachement to it. But remember, every little noise and creak you hear in the middle of the night could just mean the house is settling and not because of ghostly activity.

    If you need help, feel free to ask.

    1. Great post, thanks for the info!

  65. My wife and i stayed @ the Dolce Seaview resort in Absecon, NJ lastnite..this place is the scariest i have ever experienced. There were at least three male ghosts in our room. My wife could not sleep, she woke me up @ 5 00 IN THE MORNING TO CHECK OUT..WONT BE GOING BACK TO THIS PLACE....GREG S.FROM SOMERSET NJ

  66. this passed fall i took a ride up to check out clinton road in west milford seeking a good scare. it was largely uneventful until i stopped at the boat landing just past dead mans curve. i got out to take in the view of the lake and the gorgeous foliage and noticed the no trespassing signs all over the place so i pulled one off a tree and threw it in the back of my truck. i continued on my way to the end and turned around to head back to the rt 23 side of the road. i was completely sober, of sound mind, never left the main road and can tell you i don't recall one moment of that return trip. this is a 10 mile stretch of road and almost 2 hours later i emerged at the rt 23 side scared shitless. i quickly parked at the shell station across the hiway to catch my breath and instictively threw the no trespassing sign in the dumpster there. that road is dangerous and effects different people in different ways. that place shouldn't be messed with.

  67. that place is creepy, i think there was a car pulled out of there with a deceased driver in the 70's.

  68. Jefferson hall in Camden commuinty college haunted?! I never knew..I had classes there and never felt a thing. I might go back and pay a visit

  69. Me and my friends started to look for ghost and so far, we only got 1 evp saying get out... lol

    1. bring a quija board and set up camera and sound :=) cap that ghost!

  70. 1184 cozzens lane 2nd floor north brunswick nj is huanted. i use to live there and when my kids were in school id here things moving and someone walking around in the attic and NO ONE was home.
    and no it wasnt rats! i managed to get up there and discovered news papers from late 1890's -1900's and i heard the old man who built the house died there. i started hearing these things when i first moved there and painted the basement were the old man use to use the basement as his shop. i thru out all the old things in the house. and im told...i pist off the old man who died here. and i do beleave it because the noises were getting worse and worse day by day. and when id sleep while the kids were in school id hear a loud breathing from above. the attic was above my bedroom. iv never beleaved in ghost til i live there. that was 2 years ago.

  71. Looked at the Cozzens lane house on google maps street view, spooky, especially 2nd floor windows. My computer started acting funny and crashed when my freind said it looked like a little face in window. your right that place is creepy!

  72. careful about posting actual street addresses here. Last year they did that on a house in south Jersey and the place was a traffic clusterfokk for weeks lol. My sister lives 2 doors down and said there were seances, people standing in the street at all hours and general mayhem. Supposedly there were evp and emf activity recorded and video with orbs. They should edit the addresses out though...

  73. that was in the news, they removed the whole comment it was accompanied by a pic.

  74. hi my name is ceak and i want to know a little bit more of the juliustown park and the house # 80 on jefferson street in brownsmills new jersey.
    i have been to the park in juliustown (of which i used to live in) and heard some strange stories about it being haunted. and as for 80 jefferson street i am currently living there and need more info on it and the park as well could you help me?

  75. Dude, do u have a crucifix? Wear it and walk through the rooms saying the Lord's Prayer. Sprinkle holy water you can get from any Catholic church. This will give you an idea if they(it) are malevolent or lost. Let us know what happens please.

    1. if you posted about my comment i will tell you that there has been a lot of pushing and things being thrown at me and my family. they also drive my dog bonkers at night it is constant barking.

    2. If you send a pic of the house to americasmosthaunted@gmail we will post it here, one of our friends in NJ wants to have a look, she can sometimes get impressions from just a pic. Sounds like they (or it) is a poltergeist, try not to show fear, sometimes they get bored and go away...

  76. William l. Dickinson high school is haunted.

  77. i live in paterson and i live right next door to a haunted house ..

  78. the house I live right now in magnolia new jersey was a small hospital a lot of years ago they turn it into 4 townhouses and that place is haunted the other night I was watching a movie and I swear I saw and felt someone sitting next to me on the couch there's a lotta noise on the basement and a lot of time my cat go crazy jumping around try to grab something in the air when is nothing actually there 1 night my daughter start screaming sayin that her closest door open and close 3 times

  79. Okay one the spirit is trying to get to you they have something to say and they can't get it out or you just can't understand them. I've been around ghost and spirits all my life. U can say I have a gift.
    But only the bad spirits u need to worry about. The good won't do anything to u. If u don't want them there well go to a priest and see if he/ she will bless the house and remove them.

  80. Two weeks ago my parents and my brother and I and two of are friends went out ghost hunting and we got a lot of different things. But one thing was we got a picture of a girl that die on freehold rd in Jackson. And she was a out of Towner. So we can't tell her parents. But the one thing I know just by lookin at that picture is the girl is not at peace. And we need to see of she will go into the light.

    1. funny how my school is on this list lol ( Kean university)

  81. I used to love going ghost hunting and wanted to revisit a site and do some evp until my friend's boyfriend who was with us told me that by talking to spirits, it invites them into your life. If they find you interesting, they can attach themselves to you and follow you home. I didn't believe it at first so I googled it and read that quite a few ghost hunters themseleves have had this happen to them. Needless to say I didn't do any evp at that site.

  82. I live in hackettstown, shades of death road in great meadows should be added, ghost lake is along this road.

    Centenary college, in hackettstown, should also be added (Tillie Smith was murdered there and is well known in the town to be seen in the college)

    This area has a tremendous history, with Waterloo village located nearby as well.

    I have done several EVP sessions, along with photo/video, in several places around this area with startling results.

  83. Why is Bayonne High School haunted?

    1. BAYONNE Bayonne High School
      The now auditorium of the high school used to be the Jr high section. It's been said that a boy around 14 hung himself from the stairwell, also it's been said he was pushed and broke his neck but anyway. If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching.

  84. Taking a few friends on a roadtrip to most of these places. will updates with info when i get back.

  85. This is a great article. My family and I love haunted hayrides and haunted houses. Every year, there is always something new that will scare you. We have been to a few states to visit a Halloween attraction but Haunted Hayrides in NJ are always amazing. They really are so scary and can get you in the Halloween spirit real quick.

  86. BAYONNE Bayonne High School
    The now auditorium of the high school used to be the Jr high section. It's been said that a boy around 14 hung himself from the stairwell, also it's been said he was pushed and broke his neck but anyway. If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching.

  87. hello my name is marie i am a ghost hunter and i'm trying to go to a good place tonight and also find some people that want to go out tonight to please let me know. thanks

  88. hello my name is marie i am a ghost hunter and i am looking for a good place to go to tonight i am also looking for some people that also would like to go out tonight as well please let me know. thanks

  89. where in howell is the haunted woods where the girl screams is there a specific road it is off of?

  90. where in howell is the haunted woods where the girl screams? Is there a certain road its off of?