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Ghost Pictures 2013

--> Taken in 1929 at the Walsh-Fanham Wood Mill

In 1995 an old building (the Town Hall) in Wem,England caught fire. A local took this photo. The town had caught fire many years before in 1677 and was said to be started by a little girl with a candle, Jane Cherm. Her ghost has been spotted in the town over the years.

Taken at the grave of singer Jim Morrison in Paris in 1997. (behind Brett Meisner and to the right)

Taken by rock author Brett Meisner
The photo was examined by dozens of paranormal & photographic experts & even by the F.B.I. laboratory with no explanation. The only thing the experts do agree on, is that the photo has not been altered nor doctored in any way.
He never noticed the apparition in the pic until years later while going thorough the photos.
Brett says he has been plagued with bad luck ever since the discovery & is trying to get rid of it. A spiritual advisor & close friend of his believes the photograph is part of the curse & he must get rid of it, but no one will take it off Brett`s han
This picture taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall Mansion was published in the December 16, 1936 edition of Country Life Magazine in the U.K. It has been dubbed "The Brown Lady" & has a 300 plus year history. Many believe it is the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend who lived in Raynham Hall in Norfolk England in the early 1700`s.
Dorothy was suspected by her husband of infidelity & legal records say she died & was buried in 1726. However, many believe the funeral was a sham & suspect that Charles locked her away in a remote corner of the house til her death many years later.

Dorothy is said to haunt the staircase in Raynham Hall & was even seen by King George IV while staying in the mansion in the early 1800`s. Colonel Loftus also reported seeing her in 1835 & said her face was pale & it appeared that her eyes had been gouged out. A few years later Captain Frederic Marryat observed her gliding through the halls with a sarcastic look on her face. He fired his gun at her, but the bullet passed right through her.
Many say The Brown Lady still haunts those halls today.

This photo was taken with infrared film at the Toys `R` Us store in Sunnyvale California in 1979. Pictures were also taken with a regular camera, but the ghost didn`t show up on that film. You can see the shadowy figure leaning against the wall.

According to the store manager Jeff Lyndon, weird things kept happening. A skateboard would roll down the isle of the store & crash into the wall, objects would fly 20 feet across the room & hit employees, toys would topple from their shelves, & a doll would cry "mama" every time they put it in a box. One night they neatly stocked the store shelves & closed the store for the night, when they returned to open up the next morning the shelves were in complete disarray.

Some employees were too scared to go in certain parts of the store alone, so
in 1979 they called in psychic Sylvia Browne. According to Sylvia, the shadowy figure is that of John or Johan Johnson. Johnson was a mentally handicapped man at the turn of the 20th century that was in love with a Elizabeth Tafee. Tafee lived on a ranch where the the store now sits & she ignored Johnson. Johnson has haunted the premises ever since his death a few years later.

This photo was taken in 1963 by Reverend K. F. Lord at the Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. Reverend Lord was taking a picture of his alter & says he was alone in the church at the time.

This very controversial photo has been the object of attack by skeptics over the years because of the way that the shrouded figure is looking directly into the camera & because of the expression it`s making. Skeptics say it looks as though it is posed. But after photo experts carefully examined the print, they determined that it is not a double exposure.

The Newby Church was built in 1870 & as far as anyone knows has never had any history of hauntings or ghosts. Photo experts estimate the shrouded figure to be nine feet tall.


San Diego Haunted House

The Whaley House, in San Diego,CA. was once the home of Thomas Whaley, one of
the original settlers here.It was also a courthouse, a theatre and a general store. The
house was built on the execution site of a common thief, his footsteps were heard by
Whaley after he moved into the dwelling . Whaley’s daughter later commited suicide
in the house after her husband left her. Though her ghost hasn’t been seen, both of
her parents’ have more than once. A girl has been seen in the dining room and is
believed to be a playmate of Mr. Whaley’s children who snapped her neck on a
clothesline out back. A parapsychologist once saw a small dog bounding down the hallway;
the Whaleys had owned a little terrier, Dolly. Definately one of the creepier places in
southern California.

The Haunted Night Club

Hell's Gate
Bobby Mackey's Music World is a nightclub located in Wilder, Kentucky that is self-proclaimed as "the most haunted nightclub in the USA".

For many years, it has been subject to visits from curiosity-seekers, tourists, paranormal investigators and media reporters. It stands on the site of an old slaughterhouse that was closed in the early 1890’s. Only a well in the basement remains from the original building, and was believed by police to be the resting place of the decapitated head of Pearl Bryan, murdered by her boyfriend Scott Jackson and his friend Alonzo Walling. Pearl’s head was found in the well (originally used to drain the blood of slaughtered animals), commonly called Hell's Gate; legend claims it was used in satanic rituals at the slaughterhouse. The ghosts of the victim and the murderers are believed to haunt the building to this day.

The nightclub is owned by Bobby Mackey and his wife Janet (March 17, 1948 - February 15, 2009). They purchased the building in 1978 with the intention of turning it into a country bar. Mackey was a well-known singer in northern Kentucky and had recorded several albums. He actually scrapped his plans to record in Nashville in order to renovate the old tavern. Once the bar was opened, it immediately began to attract a crowd.

Mackey's first employee, Carl Lawson, was also one of the first to witness the hauntings; he lived alone in an upstairs apartment in the building. "I’d double-check at the end of the night and make sure that everything was turned off. Then I’d come back down hours later and the bar lights would be on. The front doors would be unlocked, when I knew that I’d locked them. The jukebox would be playing the 'Anniversary Waltz,' even though I’d unplugged it and the power was turned off. Not to mention that the 'Anniversary Waltz' isn't even on the jukebox," he reported.

One night while cleaning up in the basement, he discovered a diary purportedly belonging to a woman named Johanna, who supposedly committed suicide in the building during the 1930s, after the death of her lover. Rumors had it that she also haunted the building. The paranormal activity seemed to be the most prominent in the basement, around the sealed-up well. Lawson decided to sprinkle some holy water into the well, but the supernatural activity in the club escalated. Mackey didn't believe Lawson's claims until his wife admitted that she'd once been violently pushed down a flight of stairs by what she believed was a ghost (she reported that she looked up the stairs, saw a shadowy image, and heard a voice scream "Get out!"). At the time of this encounter, Janet was, like Johanna and Pearl Bryan before her, five months' pregnant.

Lawson was reportedly possessed by a ghost after a psychic inspected the building; the entity claimed to be Alonzo, one of Pearl Bryan's murderers. A local priest performed an exorcism on Lawson and expelled the spirit. Shortly afterwards, a wall in the bar caught on fire; firefighters couldn't figure out how the fire started.

Author Douglas Hensley wrote a book entitled Hell's Gate about the hauntings at the nightclub and has been involved with many of the investigations. Strange activities continue at the nightclub and several individuals have reportedly been physically assaulted by spirits. One customer even tried to sue Bobby Mackey in 1994, claiming he was attacked in the restroom by a ghost; the case was later dismissed.

The nightclub has been investigated by Ghost Adventures. In it the lead investigator, Zak Bagans was attacked and scratched on his back. They also capture a figure, which appears to be the figure of Alonzo Walling. They also captured some EVPs.

In 2008 Jeff and Shannon Sylvia led a three day two night investigation of the country music club while filming for the Hell's Gate Movie. They were joined with paranormal researchers Eric Singleton of the North American Paranormal Society (N.A.P.S.), and Demonologist/Exorcist Pastor Greg P. (G.P.) Haggart. The researchers witnessed shadow people, odd laughing, clawing sounds from Carl's old upstair room and full body apparitions. During the final night of the investigations an ovilisk session was performed and witnesses watched as Pastor Haggart was attacked by a demonic entity reportedly while leaving the dance floor area. As the investigations came to a close on the final night, Pastor Greg P. Haggart prayed the investigators out. While he prayed witnesses watched as tables and chairs moved.

The nightclub remains one of the strangest haunted sites in the Midwest and has proven to be a major attraction for ghost hunters and enthusiasts alike.

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