Sunday, September 27, 2009

Haunted Places In Oregon

Hot Lake Hotel
Hot Lake Hotel was recently bought and in the procedure of being rennovated into a
functioning spa, the holiday resort was constructed in the early 1900's and a good percentage was burned down in a fire in 1934. After that it was utilized as a hotel then an mental hospital, before finally becoming a rest home in the 1970's. Accounts of an apparition piano playing, footsteps in the abandoned hallways and doors opening and shutting by themselves. There's also a chair that always mysteriously comes back to the same place regardless where in the building it's put, and it never appears to get dust-covered.

The Falcon Apartments
Two spirits have appeared often in this building’s hall, near the postboxes and the manager’s apartment. The ghosts are said to be two previous occupants of the apartments: Mr. Cooke, who always kept an eye on and fixed the mailboxes. The other was James, who always had a fear of dying alone. Mr. Cooke died in 1989, and appears to have never left. He has been spotted where his chair once stood, and walking down the hallway. In 1994, the building was devastated by a series of fires. The first fire left a circular burn spot on the very location that Mr. Cooke used to sit on during his human life. Jimmy kept to himself during his years at the apartment complex, and would talk to various other tenants as they went by. Different than his wish of having someone to look out for him, he passed away alone. He's often seen seated where his seat once was. Several ghostlike occurrences have happened on the property like rapping on the doors, slamming of locked mailboxes, and several others in apartment 101, which some suppose can be ascribed to a third ghost. The ghosts of Mr. Cooke and James have never been seen together.

Coos Bay Bridge
Although there have been several suicides by jumping off of this bridge there was no paranormal activity reported until the fall of 2009. A driver (with 2 others in the car with her were driving over the bridge at night and saw a woman in sweatpants/sweatshirt standing by the rail as they passed, the driver looked in the rearview mirror and the 2 passengers turned around to see the lady just vanish. The driver stopped and they went back to find nothing. "She had long black hair, she seemed so real, my wife is still shook up", said the driver. In January of 2008 a logging truck almost wrecked on the bridge when he saw a woman appear right in front of his rig around dusk and slammed on his brakes. Shaken and knowing he ran her over he stopped traffic as he frantically look under and around the big truck. He found nothing. "She was there, period. I know what I saw. She had long black hair, she was looking right at me our eyes met, this is (expletive) creepy."
Over the years reports of orbs under, and around the bridge have been reported.

Forest Grove
Knight Hall
The hall, which now houses the University?s Music Department, was once a private, three-story dwelling. After the home was converted for the university, a ghost that has been named Vera would move through the halls, singing, and playing the piano. Allegedly, the stories were confirmed in 1979 by a group of young reporters. One of the reporters began to play the piano and Vera repeatedly said, “Please stop.” The reporters left and returned the next night with more friends. When they again started to play the piano, Vera is said to have released a loud sigh.

The White Eagle Cafe
This former brothel, hotel, and boarding house has many mysterious legends in its history. In one instance, it is alleged that a waitress was going to the basement and felt someone push her-twice. Falling down the stairs, she got the attention of the bartender and bouncer. When the two reached the bottom of the stairs, they discovered a mop and bucket had been thrown down after then. In another, one of the former owners reported hearing someone upstairs crying. When he went upstairs to see what was going on, the crying was so strong, the hairs on his back
were raised. The man ran across the street and saw a glowing figure in the window from whence the crying came. No one has been near that room in thirteen years. Presently, there are reports of flushing toilets, whispering voices, moving furniture, and loose change with mint dates over forty years old.

Mason’s Cemetery
It is alleged that a male witch was buried here after he seduced many of the married women of the town. It is said that if people go to the cemetery, a spirit will stand next to them and cause a cool breeze to creep up their leg.

Old Gem Theater
Phantom foosteps, doorhandles turning, and a whitish figure roaming around the seats have all been described in the lower level of the theater.

Baker City
Geiser Grand Hotel
Sounds of phantom parties being held on the 2nd floor. Ghostly ladies have been seen coming down the stairway.

Elgin High School
Sounds of running and basketballs bouncing have been heard by teachers, students and custodians in the gymnasium at night.

Elgin Opera House
Haunted by two men who were killed in a dual on the front steps in the late 1800's.

Enterprise-Elk's Lodge

Reports of ghostly happening reported by various employees throughout the years. Phenomena includes ratting bar glasses and ice in the ice bins, loud bangs coming from the kitchen area, a peson coughing, and various electrical problems when trying to vaccum or turn on lights. A young women's apparition has also been seen in the upstairs bar area, and was mistaken for a customer until she simply disappeared into thin air.

Wallowa Memorial Hospital
Reports by staff members of a wheelchair rolling down the hall by itself, as well as the heavy wooden doors opening by themselves.

Our Little Store
The ghost of a little girl has been seen by staff members as she tries to get chips off of the shelves. Bags of chips are continuously found laying in the aisles.

Toma's Restaurant
Haunted by "Fred" who has appeared as an older gentleman in a flannel shirt. Numerous low temperature spots, and mischievous actions have been described from previous employees. The ghost of "Fred" has possibly found a new home at the Enterprise Elk's Lodge via the moving of some pieces of furniture from Tomas to The Elks.

Malheur Butte
Near the butte and outlying regions, little shadowy creatured have been witnessed after nighttime. A woman was purportedly pursued from the area by an apparition of a dog. The sightings are believed to be induced by the witches that used to assemble in that location.

Griswold School
Dr. Griswold and his wife have both been seen peering out the left window in the gym.

At the Dollar Tree Store, reports of the toys being played with and unseen voices in there at night and during the day with customers present.

La Grande
Candy Cane Park
A murdered woman was reported to haunt the carousel until it was taken away some years ago. She's now said to haunt the surrounding park benches and swings.

Cement Plant in Lime
Accounts of spooky growling and apparations that follow folks around. Objects seem to travel by themselves, as they're always in different positions when re-entering a room.

At the Underpass near the Sugar Factory, Footless apparitions are seen lining the walls anytime after dark out of the corner of your eyes, but cannot be seen when directly looked at. Also a creature 7 feet tall with no feet and red eyes is reported to rap on windows and wake the people sleeping inside.

Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute
Previously used as an mental institution, guards have reported people yelling "help" when on one is near.

Pendleton Arts Center
Previously a library, its said to be haunted by a librarian who commited suicide over a romance. She is ofter seen peering out of the windows, and when it was a library used to toss the books off of the shelves.

Pendleton High School Audiorium
Ghost of a former pupil has been seen in the light loft and in seat J-26. Brian has also known to pass across the stage, and during performances, moves set pieces as crazy laughter is heard.

Pioneer Park
Formerly a cemetery, feeling of being watched and cold breezes have occured.

Strange noise and a woman's faint cries or screams for help have been reported.
Umatilla Walmart-A ghost has been reported in the Garden Center.

Carnegie Library-Strange sounds have been heard in the cellar, and up the stairs, in the main library, others have reported a feeling of being followed.

La Grande
Hot Lake Hotel is said to be a hairy place to be at night as laughter and crying are heard as well as blood on the doorknobs.

Skerjanec Ranch
Accounts of a man constantly being seen sitting on an old stump or walking about. Also sounds of thumps and bumps in the rooms, and electrical problems have been reported. People hanging from the trees were reported by a visitor.

Wallowa Lake State Park
Wallowa Lake State Park Community Center
Spooky activity has been reported here.

Wallowa Lake Lodge
Employees refuse to go into the basement by themselves because of the feeling of dread they get when they are down there. Crying in the dark corners and fingers on peoples hair were reported more than once.