Monday, November 9, 2009

Haunted Places In Washington State

Arlington - Old Arlington High School - A man doing maintenance on the auditorium roof fell through and hit his neck on the back of one of the chairs. He broke his neck and died. A cheerleader is also said to have died and they both can be seen at night walking on the top floor of the school. The Maintenance worker can also be seen in the auditorium. There is also said to be a "lost room" underneath the high school. It is probably just a bomb shelter.
Arlington - Eagle Creek - Sometimes Indians can be seen next to the creek, also in a mobile home park one trail is known that people get lost, and end up miles off.
Arlington - Old Presidents Elementary - In the upstairs floor of the gym building that is condemned you can see a class walking up there. They are wearing older fashions though.
Aberdeen - Billy's Bar and Grill: This building has two floors. The first floor has the restaurant, while the second floor used to contain a prostitution house. Some of the ladies and a very infamous ghost named Billy Ghol are said to haunt the place, with lights that go on and off at night, cold spots, and fog on the plate glass mirror.
Auburn - Auburn High School Auditorium pit and catwalk areas: In the early 1950s, a little girl fell from the catwalk during a production. Ever since she has been seen walking around the pit area, and has been heard in the rafters throughout the catwalk area.
Auburn - Cinema 17 (super mall theater)- There is reported that a spirit is in the projection area. Movies turn off by them selves in theater numbers 2, 9, and 17 for no apparent reason.
Auburn - Cinema 17 super mall theater: A spirit is reported to be found in the projection area. Movies turn off by themselves in theaters 2, 9, and 17 for no apparent reason.
Auburn - Cinema 17 (super mall theater)- There is reported that a spirit is in the projection area. Movies turn off by them selves in theater numbers 2, 9, and 17 for no apparent reason.
Auburn - Fred Meyer Shoe Department and Stock room - Many of the employees of the Fred Meyer in Auburn, WA, have experienced strange activities. They have heard boxes being thrown around while one employee was in the Apparel stock room, but no one else was there, and no mess was left behind. The stock room is connected to the shoe department, where people, employees and customers frequently have shoes thrown at them. While no one has seen an apparition, some events are too weird to be coincidental.
Battleground - Buzz's Sport's Bar & Grill - A worker claims to have pictures of the ghosts 1 caught ectoplasm on the film ,There is a history to the property since the building has only been there 9 years. The second is from a surveillance camera. When they open some mornings one of the TV?s will be on and the night bartenders and workers swear they made sure everything had been turned off. Workers made it a point to turn it off. Customers feeling cold chills pass through them. Togo boxes falling off the freezer, looked like someone just swipes them off with their arm or something. Dimes in the till on each side you put them back and a while later they are back where they shouldn't be, and lots more. Hasn't been investigated yet, but hope too.
Bellingham - Bayview Cemetery - Their have been reports of a ghostly apparition floating along the stone walls of the cemetery. Inside the walls there are 3 hot spots and a monument called the "death bed", it is said that when one lies upon this monument they expedite their death. The other "haunted" monument is called "angel eyes", it is believed that the apparition that is seen wandering the stone enclosure is the spirit of the person buried beneath that statue.
Bellingham - The Old Town Cafe - People who work there at night saw clean dishes went up in space for 15 min. and went down to the same place. Some heard Piano music without a piano anywhere. Someone outside saw a female ghostly spirit in the second floor looking down. The building as called "Overland Block" built in 1890.
Bellingham - Theater-Sunset 6 - There is an old woman that sits in auditorium number 1 in the very back and a child that roams 3 and 4. An employee has noticed weird noises and whispers in number three and a cold feeling down by the screen when no one else is in there...
Bellingham - The Mansion: A man pacing and a woman screaming in pain are heard here, where a woman had died in childbirth.
Bellingham - Mount Baker Theatre: This place has a ghostly woman that seems to want nothing more then to watch over her property and its present owners!

Bellingham - Shuksan Rehab: Rooms have moving objects, call lights go on and off by themselves, and you can hear someone walking with a walker in middle of night. Two registered nurses saw ghosts in the hallway, walking through the door. The building was built on a lot where an old school existed from the1800s into the 1950s.
Beverly - Beverly dunes - About 5 miles east of Beverly {grant county} near the old town site of Jericho where the old Milwaukee train line crosses crab creek have been reports of a beautiful Indian girl dressed in nightclothes who disappears into thin air with no trace.
Biggs Junction - Maryhill Museum - Maryhill Museum is a reproduction Italian villa (mansion) , after the mansion became a state museum, curators reported odd noises at night. Many of the local volunteer docents and cleaners also report noises and chills throughout the four-story, century-old villa.
Birch Bay - Cabana Club Condominiums - Restless spirit. Moves about the condo at night moving small articles from one place to another. Rustles through bags, knocks on doors, displaces small objects. Enjoys centering objects that it has moved.
Black Diamond - Black Diamond Cemetery: On foggy nights in the cemetery, you can see the swinging lights of a coal miner's lanterns. You can also sometimes hear whistling in the wind, supposedly that of the coal miners. It is reported that a white horse has sometimes been seen trotting around headstones.
Bremerton - Bremerton Community theater - Rumor is that the theater that there is some Ghost sightings. One person said she saw a guy in the auditorium wearing a top hat and a cape. It is also said that there has been a sighting in the girl?s bathroom. There is also a ghost up in the catwalk above were the lights are for the stage. Some times you can also hear some strange sounds.
Bremerton - Chester Apartments - Chester Apts originally was a hospital. After it was turned into apartments, spirits of patients and orderlies can be seen walking the halls and in the rooms.
Burien - Lakeside Milam Treatment Center - a young boy who was in treatment there hung himself several years ago. The workers see him he wanders the halls, and tries to hide.
Carnation - Carnation Cemetery - Witnesses report quite a few things happening in that grave yard.
1.strong pains almost every time they enter
2. hearing footsteps behind them and and/or around them
3. seeing figures in corners of their eyes and just when they are plain staring at something.
4.hearing whispers in their ears
5. seeing a woman in a white dress numerous times. along with a boy
Carnation - Fall City/Carnation Back Road - Reports of a white ghostly looking dog, the witness accelerated (no way dog could keep up) 3 miles down the road dog was sitting and watching.- Side Note: There is a song camp counselors teach the kids about a dog that a local ranger had lost. The song was called "Blue Walking" and was about the dog wandering around the hills in the area.
Carson - Carson Hotsprings - Has known to have a ghost in an upstairs room and up the staircase you'll feel the presents as a cold chill moves past you, and not a window or door are open. It is said to be a former owner.
Central Kitsap - Holland Road - So the story goes, an older man had just gotten back from a vacation late in the night and went out to his mailbox to grab his mail. A group of inebriated teenagers were driving along the road with their lights off, and they struck the man as he got his mail, killing him. The story goes that if you drive down the road slowly with your lights off, you'll see shadows and whatnot. Another Story is that a couple of guys were driving slowly with their lights off, and all of the sudden a big horse was in front of them. When they turned their lights on, there was nothing there .
Chehalis - the steps - years ago this place was a school house for little kids until one day a man burnt it down with the kids stuck inside...if you go there you will see a little boy playing with the wagon occasionally he will come up and dance around you.
Cheney - Eastern Washington University - Dryden Hall 2nd floor - A contorted face of a man can be seen in the grain of the wood on door 203. Reportedly a young man committed suicide in the room in the 1960's. Strange cold spots, odors, and senses of panic have also been noticed on this floor.
Clarkston - Lancer Lanes - The spirit of a woman is often seen pacing along the sides of the alleys when it's not too crowded. Workers there have become accustomed to her.
Concrete - Mount Baker Hotel - Make it known that if you are going to this hotel, and you go upstairs be prepared, you will see a little girl about 4, with red hair and blue jean shorts on, with a pink shirt on! She might try to push you down the stairs (Do Not Be Alarmed!) but it does not work. All you can feel is a sort of tingle go through your body. You can hear a little girls voice saying "The bad woman?s gonna hurt me!" Also you might hear "Turn around, the bad woman will hurt you!" People say that her mother used to beat her to death.
Coupeville - Ebey's Landing, Sunnyside Cemetery - Accounts have said that his ghost, both with a head and headless, have been seen in the cemetery and in an old cabin his family occupied after his death.
Coupeville - Old 1 Room School House - is now used as a rental unit. The ghost is pretty well known to long-time locals. It's of a small girl dressed in period clothing. Some have reported seeing the ghost while driving by the schoolhouse looking out the window or out on the front porch of the old school.
Coupeville - Old one-room schoolhouse: This building is now used as a rental unit. The ghost, a small girl dressed in period clothing, is pretty well known to long-time locals. Some have reported seeing the ghost while driving by the schoolhouse. She is seen looking out the window or out on the front porch of the old school.
Dayton - Pioneer Park - People talk of a Blue light hovering in the trees at pioneer park, and of a ghostly woman standing beside the road late at night
Des Moines - The Des Moines Marina Park: The ghost of a little girl named Diana is seen walking the beach and swinging on the beach at night every January 8th.
Duvall - Duvall Cemetery - Witnesses report, noises, strange feelings and being frightened.
East Wenatchee - East Wenatchee Cemetery - At dusk shadows of people dressed in white appear on North hill. Also on top, * generals row* a man dressed in army apparel has been seen wandering around soldiers graves. On the west side a dark figure has been seen wandering outside the orchards.
Edmonds - Edmonds Theater - The building, before its renovation, was built at the turn of the century. Witnesses claim to have seen a glowing figure of a man floating down the isle inside the theater. The apparition was shadowy with sort of a glowing aura surrounding him.
Edmonds - Frances Anderson Leisure and Cultural Arts Center: The original structure was called Edmonds Elementary School and was built in 1929. It is now owned and operated by the Edmonds Parks and Recreation Department. It was named after a longtime teacher and principal for the school, Frances Anderson. Employees and visitors have reported haunting activity for years. Many experiences involve spirits of children walking the hallways as well as the ghost of Frances Anderson herself, who died in the 1980s.
Ellensburg - Kamola Hall at Central Washington University: Kamola Hall is haunted by the ghost of a former student that committed suicide there, when she found out that her fiancé had been killed during the war. She hung herself from the rafters of the top floor where her room was located. People have reported unusual noises and sightings over the years. Even today, some of the students residing in the building have reported strange occurrences such as doors opening and closing by themselves and doors being knocked on but nobody there.
Ellensburg - Olmstead place - This Old homestead was the first homestead in Kittitas valley and was once used as an Indian fort and is now a state park, People have reported the feeling of being watched there and sightings of Indians have been reported along the creek, others have reported hearing a woman screaming and a baby crying during the full moon!
Enumclaw - Haunted Gauntlet at Battersby Asylum - The land of evil spirits invites you to visit one of Washington States LARGEST Haunted Attractions (30,000 sq. feet). Loaded with special effects and animatronics, once you enter the depths of this industrial sized gauntlet, it'll spit you out altered. An Enumclaw Parks Dep. haunted attraction benefiting the E.H.S class of 2005 and others.
Everett - Everett High School Auditorium: It is reputed that when the building was being built, a construction worker fell and was killed. Many people have seen his ghost in the school and on the grounds.
Everett - The old Everett Movie Theatre auditorium: Located in downtown of north Everett, several people have seen an apparition or ghost in the theatre over the last 20 years. The ghost is believed to be male, either an old deceased patron or worker of the theatre. Psychics have been called in and have reported they have definitely felt a supernatural presence.
Everett - Mariner High School: At around midnight, the lights are supposed to be on like a normal school. Yet, on some nights, the lights shut off and if you're close enough, you can see and sense eyes staring at you from within the school. Nothing can be seen but the eyes, which look like floating eyes from a distance. It is too dark to see the body, but you can see the eyes because they have a subtle glow to it. Some sources say, if you stare at them for a while, you can see a figure of a winged man.
Everett - Everett Inn - After the sun starts to set and housekeeping has left the basement and turned out the lights, an interesting show starts down there that is caught on the security camera. (Unfortunately, there is no videotape capability for the security camera to catch these events on tape.) On several occasions a shadowy man dressed in a blue or gray janitor's suit was seen to walk up and down the hallway. On other occasions there is the sound of someone noisily opening the washer or dryer although while observing via the camera, it is obvious no one is there and the machines are not being moved. Various clanking and the sound of things being moved around happen about once a night, once again with no one present in the basement. On a separate occasion a cloud of ectoplasm was seen to float across the top view of the camera in the basement, followed by a thunking noise off to the right off camera (the direction the ectoplasm was headed). A final odd incident, a guest's young daughter had the knack of tricking the elevator in to taking her down there -despite the supposed lock on the elevator to prevent such things- and was seen on one occasion holding a conversation with someone who could not be seen, but was heard as a mumbling male voice. Upon inspection by the front desk, there was no one down in the basement, but they experienced an uneasy feeling while retrieving the girl. The hotel has changed ownership twice since being built, so the identity of the gentleman in the basement is unknown. He was not an employee of the current owners. It is thought that he was an elderly maintenance man that died and continues to return to his job despite the change in staff, owners and a hotel name change.
Everett - INC - certain times of year, you can hear the organ played by a red-eyed organist. If you happen to be a minister, you hear footsteps of the choir members when there are none (must be annoying when you're praying) Ghost hunters are not allowed in for investigations or anything, so you have to be really lucky.
Everett - Mallard Cove apt. - In 1999, Bill Stien, a taxi driver employed by Everett Yellow Cab Co., had a heart attack in the parking lot at Mallard Cove Apartments ( Airport Road and Admiralty Way). Now he haunts the (g) building. He sometimes sneaks into people's apartments, picks up the phone and writes down a real address: In the morning residents find his mysterious notes by the phone, and find the door open. People who have seen Bill describe his ghost as a man in his late 40's and wearing a Mariner b-ball cap, sweats, and a beer in his right hand.
Everett - U.S.S. Fife dd-991 - the destroyer,? Fife" has scene the death of a crewmember, a former captain, and a civilian contractor onboard. on her decks, and in her corridors, crewmembers have scene, and heard things, they could not explain. Main engine room number one has been reported several times to be occupied with ghost of a dead civilian worker. Engineers have heard duct tape, footsteps on the deck plates, and voices. the mid ship's quarterdeck is where a young sailor committed suicide, and many crewmembers see the ghost on dark underway nights.