Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Haunted Places In Alabama

Adamsville-Bottenfield Middle School-The ghost of a young man appears, on occasion, in the choir/band wing of the school.

Albertville-Albertville Public Library-The library was built over a house that was torn down in the early 1900's. According to employees of the library, they have heard the water running in the bathroom when no one is there. Loud rapping on doors are often heard as well.

Albertville-A house located off Highway 431, is said to be haunted by one of the first owners. The man died after his tractor overturned while working in the field by his house. Soon afterward, the deceased man's wife sold the house after hearing unexplainable banging noises. Several families have lived in this house over the years and they all tell tales of the loud banging noises that always seem to happen in late afternoon. Presently, this house is back on the market. The price being slashed numerous times.

Alpine-Alpine Baptist Church- People working in the church have reported hearing footsteps in the hall when no one else is there. Women and children’s voices have also been heard.

Birmingham-Bass Cemetery-This cemetery is the final resting place for many Civil War soldiers. Enter at your own risk! There are reports of apparitions that appear and then are gone as quickly as they had arrived.

One tomb is open, the corpse missing. There are tales of cults performing ceremonies at night. If you do venture into this cemetery, don't be suprised if you suddenly hear the faint screams or feel as if you are not alone. Do take friends with you. If nothing else, you can laugh at the pictures of the look on their face for years to come!

Birmingham-Sloss Furnace-James "Slag" Wormwood was foreman of the graveyard shift in the early 1900’s. He was over a crew of almost 150 workers. Wormwood was ruthless. He would make the workers take dangerous risks in order to speed up production. During his reign, 47 workers lost their lives and many others were severely injured due to accidents.

In October of 1906, Wormwood fell into a pool of melted iron ore after loosing his footing at the top of Big Alice (the highest blast furnace). Needless to say, he perished. Many people thought it was the workers that pushed him off the top of the furnace; finally having their fill of his slave driving. Nothing could be proven.

Soon, the graveyard shift was discontinued.

There have been more than 100 reports of paranormal activity at Sloss over the years. These are just a few…

After the death of Wormwood, workers complained of an "unnatural" or "evil" presence within the confines of Sloss. A night watchman was injured after being pushed from behind. By his account, he was alone. This happened in 1926. Twenty-one years later, in 1947, three supervisors were found unconscious and locked in a small boiler room (southeastern part of the plant). All three had the same story; that they were approached by a badly burned man who told them to get back to work. They awoke in the boiler room with no memory of how they got there.

In 1971 another night watchman encountered something evil. He described it as half man – half demon.

The last reported instance came on October 4, 2003. A man, who had worked at Sloss for many years, suddenly caught fire. He claims to have seen a "strange shape" moments before. He was taken to the hospital with burns over a good portion of his body. Could this be the ghost of James "Slag" Wormwood condemning the workers for his ill fate? I have investigated Sloss. I did not see any "demons" or "ghosts", but I did hear footsteps behind me when I was alone on the boardwalk and a horrible sense of dread filled the boiler room. I wanted to run, but knew I had better not.

Huntsville-Carter Mansion- Blood on walls appear, then fade.

Huntsville-Dead Children's Playground-The ghost of children are seen swinging in the swings between 11pm - 3am. Located next to Maple Hill Cemetery.

Montevallo-University of Montevallo- Loud crying at night, orbs, shadow people.

Tuscaloosa-Old Bryce Mental Institute-Commonly called "Old Bryce", this institution was used for over 100 years and is now in decay. In the 1960’s it was shut down. Almost everything was left behind. Today you call still find old patient records, chairs, mattresses, etc. Late at night, strange sounds can be heard such as footsteps when no one is there, and banging on the walls and metal structures. Note: If you plan on going, it would be a good idea to get permission.

Tuscumpia-Belmont Mansion- This antebellum house sits on an old plantation. Spirits of slaves are said to reside within her walls.