Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted Places in Romania

The home of Josef Pisinger in Prague, Czechoslavakia, is haunted by the ghosts of innocent people slaughtered there, and the streets of Bijeljina are haunted by Mehmed, a Muslin killed by a Serbian strike force. Vaso Miskin Street and the adjoining marketplace in Sarajevo, Bosnia, is haunted by the short ghosts of dwarves, while the Heidenreich House in Bucharest is haunted by the ghost of Zorya Vechernaya, who can usually be seen at dusk driving a white chariot. The home of Josef Pisinger in Prague, Czechoslavakia, is haunted by the ghoul Bassarab, the sole survivor of the dynasty of Walachia, now a province in Romania. The roads of eastern Russia is haunted by the ghost of Zorya Vechernaya, who can usually be seen at dusk driving a white chariot. Domovikha are more quiet household spirits whose presence you can sense in certain rooms. Domovoi are domestic ghosts that tend to be nuisances or poltergeists but help out with chores if treated with respect. Household ghosts are so common in Russia that they have developed distinct classifications for them.
A more friendly ghostly presence haunts a gay bar in Geneva, Switzerland. In Saragossa, Spain, the Palazon family holds conversations with a voice speaking from a stovepipe that identified itself as Duenda de Zaragoza, a person who lived in the house in the 1930s. The ghost of Joan of Arc haunts the basilica at Domremy dedicated to her memory, and the entire court of Marie Antoinette appears in the gardens of Trianon in Versailles. Most of the sightings are of a demon dog and a little girl sacrificed by devil worshippers at the site. At Euro Disney in France, a mysterious vortex of energy haunts the small children's section. Major Helmut Rathenau met her in a casino in Badden Baden and died of a heart attack. To this day, the Baroness Russlein von Altebar seeks her revenge, first appearing as a beautiful courtesan then turning into a rotting corpse. Another well-heeled female ghost appears to descendents of Count Johannes Rathenau, an Austrian noble who slaughtered the defenders of Schloss Altebar in Bavaria during the Middle Ages. The short dark-featured spirit is thought to be Princess Perchta von Rosenberg, who haunts the descendents of her cruel husband.
It has been seen scores of times in a clearing near Corroboree Springs, which is about 100 miles from Alice Springs. However, Australia's best documented ghost is known simply as the Ghost of the Outback. Lutwyche Cemetery ghosts are presaged by the "smell of death;" singing white lights haunt Toowong Cemetery; and apparitions dart across the roads in Bridgeman Downs Cemetery. Brisbane cemeteries are also hotspots of paranormal activity. One is an elegant woman, another a maintenance man who continually rides the elevator that killed him in a freak accident, and the last is an American sailor stabbed to death in a fight with another sailor in the downstairs tearoom. Brisbane in Queensland is the most haunted city in Australia and locations covered from that city will include the Old Government House, the Parliament House, and the Brisbane Arcade, and City Hall, where at least three ghosts haunt the hallways. Nestled among the modern homes is the cities oldest cemetery and it contains graves that go back to the 1840s and continue to this day. There are rumors of a small boy bouncing a ball down one of the hallways late at night Shakopee - Howard's Edition Cemetery - Not far from the local racetrack lies the site of one of the first farms that lead to the eventual settlement of Shakopee. Unfortunately, some of these caves have been closed up. There are also several caves in the park, with strange goings-on reported.
Rochester - Quarry Hill Park - Many strange things have happened here. One witness encountered an odd stench in the room, frequent temperature changes, and eerie sounds at night. The reason for that is many Mayo Clinic patients occupied in that hotel and have past away. Rochester - Kahler Hotel - It has been rumored that there has been numerous complaints and unusual encounters. The upper balcony is where there has been spiritual activity spotted. And haunting footsteps Richfield - The Academy of Holy Angels - Theater - There have been sightings of spirits in the theatre. September 2004 Correction: A former student has informed us the above information is incorrect. Rumors of the ghost still lurking around.
Renville - Vicksburg Cemetery - One of the grave stones glows, in the spring for a short time the flowers that grow there bleed. People see the little boy usually on the 2nd floor. One in specifically is a little boy who died in the Hospital because his mother abused him and then left him at the Hospital to die. There is many reports of the people that maintain the building that there is 5 to 10 ghosts in the building. Redford Township - Redford Hospital - The Redford Hospital is abandoned but the spirits still live there. Redby - Behind the Westbrook Stare - In the summer after raining if you look north towards the sawmill a man should be walking from there carrying a bundle of tools in his right arm. The ghost is seemingly harmless. They also said that further away from the church they heard a woman scream coming from the church.
The farmer never forgave himself for not going to the church that night.A few people have said that they had seen a figure of the woman roaming around the graveyard behind the church and the church itself at night. Two African fellows were traveling through at the time and the death was placed on them. Being that murders were placed on the shoulders of Africans in that time it is no surprise that it was in this case either. Randall - Little Falls - Darling Church - Early after being built it is said that two African American men kidnapped and murdered a woman in the church. Witnesses have heard voices, footsteps, when it was horribly windy while calm outside the cemetery, and have seen a white apparition. Reports of misty headlights pull in and vanish before your eyes.