Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Haunted Places In Virginia

The Byrd Theatre, Richmond
The ghost of the prior manager of the Byrd Theatre, Robert Colter is sometimes seen in the balcony of this old theatre. The ladies room on the main level also has unusual things happen like lights going out and doors opening and closing by themselves. Loud footsteps come from the backstage area.

Woodlawn Plantation, Alexandria, VA
The mansion here built in 1805) was part of George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. Numorous ghost sightings have been reported here by guests and his spirit is said to roam here.

Bull Run Battlefield, Manassas
At Cobblestone Bridge Civil war ghost soldiers patrol this bridge, and the area around it.

The Martha Washington Inn, Abingdon, VA
The ghost of a woman haunts the place and is said to be looking for her lover. Even though the carpeting is changed in a certain area it keeps being stained with blood. Civil war soldiers were here and it may have been a temporary hospital at that time.

Walney Road, Chantilly, VA
This road in Chantilly is reported to be haunted by the spirit of a child that lost her parents in a nearby house fire. Drivers have swerved off of the road and found no one there after looking around.

Old Town Inn, Manassas
A ghost named Lucy likes to play games such as turning on faucets, tossling the beds and unplugging electrical items. She haunts room #52, but roams in and out of other rooms too.

Old Town Hall, Manassas
Built in 1914, this building is said to be haunted by the spirit of a 1930s prisoner who had committed suicide. Doors opening and slamming shut. Employees there are sometimes locked inside of rooms.

Weems-Botts House
In Dumfries they restored a house in the early 70's and apparently awoke some ghosts. Curtains are torn down, beds are messed up after being made and a confederat soldies has been seen moving down the halls.