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True Ghost Stories

Here we will publish your original ghost stories! We will give you a backlink (anchor text will be your name or initials). Our readers have been asking us to give them a page for their own ghastly experiences and we crawled back outta the grave to show our ghoulish love...

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              The Twin Turret House- Haunted Yountville 

The "downtown" area of Yountville, California specifically on Washington street where the huge victorian house once stood is haunted. The old timers say that the whole area around that house was paranormal and many things happened to people that went into the house while it was an antique shop. I knew Chuck Pellaux and Joe Thompson the owners and at times it was scary. There was an antique bell on the dining room table that would ring while no one was near. It was an antique shop and we believed spirits followed some of the items sold or consigned to the shop. The huge victorian sat next to a little store in the late 70's when I was there. There were 2 huge round turrets on either side of the roof. There were these big planter boxes with big beautiful Palm trees. After I got spooked the first night I slept there, Chuck said the place was a brothel in at one time and a young prostitute was strangled in the room I stayed in when I visited. I would see shadows and be woken up by pinching, cold air, objects in the room would be upside down when i woke in the am. The upstairs apartment was added by Chuck and Joe to live in, and an original bedroom in the rear was left intact. This is the room I would stay in when I visited to work on weekends, I lived up there also for a few months. We would eat upstairs in the little dining room and hear footsteps down in the darkened shop. The place had alarms wired/motion sensors but they rarely went off. Of course the bell would occasionally ring, and when the piano was there before they got freaked enough to move out and into the condo, would play odd melodies and we swore we could hear glasses tinkling and faint laughter. After spending a night alone up there when Chuck and Joe went out of town I never went back upstairs and even after they got the condo (the first condos to be built in Yountville) in a cul-de-sac at the other end of town, I was concerned as things began to happen there such as Chuck's piano playing late at night, a few notes, the same notes at 2 or 3 am.  The place may have been torn down/burned,  I have no idea what is there now, have not been there for many years. There was also an incident I remember when James L. Brooks was still producing the hit show Taxi, he and a couple of others came into the shop. Chuck said an apparition of a red-haired woman appeared through the wall directly behind the famous producer as he looked at items on the dining table in the room to the left of the front door. Elsie (a woman that worked there) almost fainted. I was in the main room when Chuck whispered to me about it the hairs on my neck went up and a small picture fell off the wall behind me. Mr. Brooks had no idea what was going on I don't think, we had other celebrities come through and we stayed out of their way. He did seem to stir the spirit(s) up! That day was weird, the bell kept ringing, it was one of the really active days there for the spirits. There was a trashcan that caught fire in a hall, weird.

Back then Yountville was not at all like I hear it is today. It was quiet, and cool to be there. I worked at a restaurant there called "Washington Street Bar & Grill and one day in the kitchen I met Boz Scaggs, (tall dude, at 20 I was 6 ft and he towered over me as I shook his hand. He and Steve Miller and others rode into Yountville on Harley-Davidsons and stopped there to eat..

The Yountville Veterans home is up the road and it is very old. That would be where I would look if I was ghost-hunting today.  Joe said Chuck came in once and said there must be a re-enactment planned that day, Joe asked why and Chuck said there were civil war soldiers out back and a couple of horses. They went back out and nothing was there. Chuck and I used to sneak out back and smoke grass (he was in his 60's, lol) and Joe would tease him about the "soldiers" until he followed an old woman down the hall and she vanished. After the piano started playing that creepy tune while we ate upstairs Joe had had enough and they moved out and I think Elsie's daughter and fiance moved up there. I moved to  Napa after that and never saw much of them but stayed in touch by phone,  not sure if the spirits followed or stayed. I was always uneasy there after my night alone and was nervous when I was at the shop. At some point I just would stay outside in the parking lot when I visited and it made them uncomfortable. I remember another incident when a beautiful young woman came into the shop and almost immediately there was a commotion and said Chuck pinched her butt. He swore to me he was 3 feet away and we laughed and knew it was one of "them". The one we called Melody. When these little mischievous things happened, such as toilet flushing and missing/re-appearing objects there was usually a flowery or purfumy smell. The piano cover would slam shut or play, so we called her Melody. Sometimes the house would smell like something had died. Asweet, sickly odor like a dead animal would be so bad they had to close the shop. An hour later, it would smell like that perfume and they would put the "open" sign back in the window. Those ghost really messed with Chuck and Joe. There was a restaurant up the street,Hopper Creek Inn that was supposed to be haunted. Incidentally, Joe was a chef in his former life before the antique shop and cooked there for awhile and would say the spirits followed him there. I may try to research the place and try to find some photos of the house. I plan on visiting there sometime even though the big gaudy Victorian is gone to see if I can feel the spirits that were there, maybe they will remember me. :=)

I found only one picture of the house on the internet and i got chills seeing it. Go here and look for page 93. It is the big house next to the "cash and carry"store. Today that store is called Ranch Market Too. The Big gables/turrets are partially hidden by the palm trees.

by: Anon 

                                              The Haunted Ouija Board

I grew up in a paranormal active house. My house, 129 years old to date, showed activity from shadow people, unexplained noises/music playing, foot steps and so on. Some family members even had a spirit interaction and I honestly have no reason to doubt them. A lot of this was completely normal for me because I grew up in this environment.

My father passed unexpectedly in 1990. My older brother started to play with the Ouija Board with a friend to try and communicate with him. The problem was the board started to become an addiction and unexplained events started to occur.

Now my brother was deep in this "activity" already. I saw him come in at nights in total fear, sleeping with a Bible and asking my mom, a strong Christian woman, to sit up and pray with him. *We were all raised Baptist and the Ouija Board is a form of devil worship according to my mom. Obviously, she did not support his new activity and the board was never allowed in our home.

I heard his stories of boards flying across the room, the weird board responses to their questions, the threats the board did and followed through. One example is the board told my brother "CARB". Not knowing what in the world the board was saying they moved on. Well, 3 carburetors later in my brother's truck, he finally made that connection. My brother did try hard to stay away from it. I remember one night the family was just sitting in the living room, Evening Shade was on TV. All of a sudden we hear my brother's truck radio start playing loudly. Little Ford Ranger, no keys in the truck, doors locked and the country song was: Where've You Been, Kathy Mattea. This for some reason, was enough to surface the curiosity again in my brother and he was back at it.

Now as a kid, I played around with the board once and nothing happened. No doubt I was a skeptic with this when my brother invited me and a group of friends to witness what happens. I had one rule set by my brother, I was not allowed to touch the board or ask a question. He was still pretty protective and I blew it off thinking all of this was just a bunch of hocus pocus anyway. Thankfully, I listened to him that night.

It was about 7 of my friends and we went to my brother's friends house. They "opened" the board and the activity started. One asked for a parlor trick. The board response was 15. 15 minutes later, the stereo cut on full blast playing: Every Breathe You Take, Police. *To this day, this song comes on, I get chills up and down my spine. Now at this time, I was scared at first but then looking for logic, I accused my brother and his friend of setting the stereo on a timer and blew that off. They claim they didn't. Well, more questions, weird responses. One of my friends were drinking and it appears the board did not like him touching the board. After a warning, the iron skillets, on angled nails on the walls just fell off the walls, cereal boxes on top of the microwave fall sideways and went back up and kitchen drawers open and closed. *We were playing in the kitchen. At this point, my friend that was asking questions ran past us, down 15 stairs and half a cigarette before we could even get to him. This shook us all up. There is a rule you cannot leave without shutting the portal and you have to have the same person that opened it to shut it. We all had to go back in to do this, not wanting to go back in this house. So inside, few more things happened: candles went out, footsteps came to the threshold of the kitchen, everyone felt cold at the same time, footsteps went back and a door slammed. Creepy, definitely. But my last straw was when a blender, right behind me cut the unplugged cord was wrapped around it.

Now you reading this, you may have a hard time believing this but I do swear, all the above is the truth. I saw it and other skeptics with me seen this.

The night was almost over and shaking terrified, I was ready to go home. There was one more threat the board did. It just said "TTIRES". Not making sense with this, they closed the board and everyone went home and slept with their Bibles and parents. Next morning, I get a call from my friend with the initial T saying in a panic voice, all her tires were flat.

Now to this day, you will not see me in the same room with an Ouija Board. I do believe this is a door opening to invite evil. Nothing good can come from this and I will always discourage anyone who thinks they may want to try to communicate with ghosts of past ones.

Now I do believe in ghost. And I would like to note my brother never did talk to my father through the board as his beginning goal was but was drawn into evil. If there are people interested in communicating with ghost or loved ones that have passed, the Ouija Board is NOT your answer. 

by: friend