Monday, October 26, 2009

Celebrity Hauntings 2013

--> When a celebrity dies there is always more hoopla and media attention than with an everyday joe and when they reappear in spirit form that's no different. Some of these are more documented than others and seem to involve the same places such as the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
At the Roosevelt, dead celebrities as well as unknown ghosts have wandered around and have been reported for many years. The face of Marilyn Monroe appearing in the lobby mirror, Montgomery Clift spotted over the years, Sid Vicious in the elevator and the spirit of Anna Nichole Smith have made cameo appearances here in this tinseltown building.
At the old Landmark Hotel in Los Angeles, the spirit of Janis Joplin has been seen by more than one visitor in the room where she overdosed on drugs in 1970.

In New York City the Dakota apartment building has had reports over the years of a little girl roaming the hallways and the apparitions of former tenant John Lennon has been seen. Cold spots and Orbs have been reported at the old building as well. The building was used as a backdrop for the horror film "Rosemarys Baby"
The Beatles seem to attract ghosts as Abbey road in London and Apple studios have both had their fair share of ghost sightings and strange events.

Gin Blossum guitarist Doug Hopkins' apparition has been seen on a bridge(Ash avenue) in Tempe, Arizona. He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 32. His ashes were said to be scattered there.

The ghost of Elvis Presley has been spotted near the stage he performed on at the Las Vegas Hilton, fading into the wall as well as wandering the grounds at Graceland in Memphis.
In Paris, France the ghost of Doors frontman Jim Morrison was actually photographed at his grave site, the photo was examined by experts (including the US FBI Laboratory) and was proven to be not doctored or altered, the photo can be seen HERE
Clark Gable has been spotted years after his death at the Oatman Hotel in Arizona as well as his wife Carol Lombard.

Comedian Redd Foxx died of a heart attack at Paramount studios on stage 31 and there have been some reports by stagehands/others of his ghost there.
Joan Crawfords old house has not just her spirit haunting it but others to the point it has been exorcised several times without much success.
The original "Superman", George Reeves reportedly has never left the Beverly Hills house where he was found shot to death, mystery surrounded his death, including suspicion of foul play, maybe he lingers to tell what really happened.

At 2398 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Hollywood Hills,L.A., you may find the ghost of Harry Houdini as several others have unexpectedly come face to face with him even though he has been gone from his former house for years.
Hauntings have no preference with regard to celebrity status, they can happen anywhere, and anytime.