Thursday, October 1, 2009

San Diego Haunted House

The Whaley House, in San Diego,CA. was once the home of Thomas Whaley, one of
the original settlers here.It was also a courthouse, a theatre and a general store. The
house was built on the execution site of a common thief, his footsteps were heard by
Whaley after he moved into the dwelling . Whaley’s daughter later commited suicide
in the house after her husband left her. Though her ghost hasn’t been seen, both of
her parents’ have more than once. A girl has been seen in the dining room and is
believed to be a playmate of Mr. Whaley’s children who snapped her neck on a
clothesline out back. A parapsychologist once saw a small dog bounding down the hallway;
the Whaleys had owned a little terrier, Dolly. Definately one of the creepier places in
southern California.

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  1. The Haunted Apartments
    My friend told me about this and I didn't believe until I stayed there for a few weeks with them. In Escondido, California there is some apartments on Midway drive (260). In the 70's they were called Heritage 200 Apts.
    There were a lot of junkies and crime in the rear units and the place was not so much crime ridden but one big party. One guy got beat to death with a hammer and eventually they had a security guard that patrolled every night. My friend and others we knew there over the years used to say some units
    were haunted and there was a ghost that appeared at the pool at night and orbs would be seen there. One night we were in the laundry room by the pool when I turned around a man was standing there covered in blood. I yelled oh my god!! and turned to look at my
    friend, when I looked back there was no one there. Outside it was as cold as ice (july). scared the shit out of me. Not sure if it is true but a lady there said that a man was
    stabbed to death by the laundry room in the late 70's. The man I saw was not very tall, dark hair. Had a little playboy bunny tattoo on his arm. Eyes were black like he looked
    through me and no shirt, just blood all over his front. I have had some nightmares since he seemed so f real. My ears were ringing the rest of the night too.