Thursday, March 8, 2012

Most Haunted Cemeteries

Not just places for eternal rest, many graveyards are known to have paranormal activity and sightings of restless spirits. Explore these places if you must, please do so with respect for both the living, and the (un)dead. Have a haunted cemetery near you? Leave a comment or send us an email (with any pics) to and we may add it to the list.


  1. that Bachelors grove one is pretty weird. I lived near there when i was a kid and my dad was a cop he said there were an unusually high amount of suicides around there. There was another story that there was a mass hanging in the grove, like 10 or 15 people all hanged at the same time. Anyway the place still gives me the creeps.

  2. In Yountville, California there was a small graveyard near the center of town that was moved for new houses back in the early 80's. I lived in the apartment above what was Twin Turret Antiques. It was a huge old victorian that was a brothel at one time in the 1800's. Chuck and Joe (owners) used to say the place was haunted and indeed it was. A prostitute was strangled upstairs in the 1900's and they saw her many times. I had many experiences mostly downstairs and had many complaints/reports from customers being pinched, slapped, books and objects falling, flying, etc. We were never really afraid it was the 70's i smoked a lot of grass etc. The backyard of the place made me nervous. Chuck said it was an old graveyard, said he saw civil war soldier walking back there sometimes. The place has been demolished not sure what is there now but I know that those spirits are still there.

    1. Another interesting thing i remember about the Twin Turret house was one time in the early 80's when it was an antique store. A hollywood producer (James Brooks) came into the shop and wasa looking around with a couple of other people with him and Joe Thompson, one of the owners walked over to me and Elsie, a friend of Chuck and Joe's that worked there. He was white as a sheet and said the lady ghost had just walked through a wall behind Mr. Brooks. Later the old bell in one of the rooms rang a few times with nobody even near the room. A large mirror fell off the wall almost hitting Elsie after the famous producer left. Joe was nervous as a cat that week and said some people get the house jumping ghost wise. Other times they had to close the shop because a smell like death (I mean Real bad) would engulf the place and then go away just as fast. That place still scares the crap outta me. I want to know what is there now but I live 2000 miles away.A picture of the old house would be cool